Flektoprime One Live on YouTube

A combination of video and textual blogging? I completed setting up the Flektoprime Channel on YouTube while at the same time testing the integration with the new redesign of YouTube One Channel UI changes. This thus far worked extremelly well. The visual appearance on different devices is consistent and the design ismuch better than before. Kudos on this one to the Kennedy team (the internal code name for Google's new generation UX).

I am going to creat a new tag on this blog for video related material. I may expand sometimes details in a blog post rather than in the video comments section. At least until the two converge a bit more.

Stay tuned to Flektoprime One.


Q: Why Flektoprime One?

A: The main - prime lens - on the D7 I mostly use for video these days is based on the Karl Zeiss Jena design called a Flektogon. A breakthrough lens in many ways.


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