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Industrial maternalism

I completed today a purchase of one more piece of Silicon Valley history, the EIMAC 100TH   Transmitting Triode Radio Vacuum Tube. For $22 I will receive a working triode, with the birght prosepct of lighting its filaments again perhaps not to transmit but at least to show its colors on the oscilloscope. EIMAC operated in nearby San Bruno this was not an accident, as the San Francisco Bay Area was an early center of ham radio with about 10% of the operators in the United States in the early 30's. Incidentally in a new sense San Bruno is still a ham radio hub today. Except the radio has been replaced by the internet, and the communications device is YouTube, based in San Bruno. There's are some more interesting technical bits. The EITEL company was a spin-off from Heintz & Kaufman with the purpose to produce tubes that worked on lower voltages than those available to the amateur market at the time. In 1932 two radio amateurs, Jack McCullough (W6CHE) and Bill Eitel (W

CA DMV Driver Licenses

So I checked today with the DMV Press office on the driver license production delays . If you have a paper license, and are still waiting on the the plastic card. The safe thing to do is to go to the DMV and get a new paper document. Obviously this has the potential to create more problems at the DMV as people out of the queue reenter it. The DMV press contact did add one more thing. Police departments are telling their officers to be elastic on the paper documents for another month. You should check with the Police in your area wether they are doing so. === And I just called my local police department. And the officer there checked the database. The DMV actually did update the records, and their systems show the new expiration date. The officer said, to keep the expired paper extension nevertheless but as far as they are concerned - they have good data.