‎3000 lumens, that's a lot of photons

Waiting for darkness to set to test the new torch. It draws 2.8 amps from the Lithium batteries. Perfect for night navigation in tight quarters.

"The LEDs are being driven direct drive, from 14.4v, using four 18650 batteries. The brightness is fairly constant until the batteries are fully discharged. This flashlight does get very warm, but not so hot you cannot hold it. The head is massive, and the body is also massive, being 1/4" thick (.75 ID, 1.25" OD). Both the head and body are integral part of the heat sinking, and also your hand (if ungloved)."

"On max power, it is almost too bright to be usable!"

I have it on max power, the only way to use it at home is to bounce it off the ceiling at which point it lights the whole room in very bright light (mine is 20 ft., regular ones could work but don't look at the ceiling). Its real use is for the outside, I did tests last night after warning neighbors that its not an alien landing. Its perfect for the outdoors. I'll mod the torch so I have an outside power toggle, the jumper inside the head is less than ideal for a field situation.

"So how long can they run and what is the Voltage for us Americans?"

This is a hand held flashlight: http://elektrolumens.com/FireSword-V/FireSword-V.html
Runs on 4 rechargeable Lithium ion cells. It'll work for an hour on the high power setting, or 3 hours on the 1000 lumen setting.


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