A visit to the NASA Ames Research Center

Scientists from NASA Ames started a robotics research project with the Northern California chapter of the Mars Society. The goal of the project is to extend available commercial hardware by developing a software platform that will field test several augmenting concepts for human exploration of Mars. The hardware and guidance system field trials will take place in the Mojave desert. Teleoperation, autonomous capability and research simulations will be conducted at the Society’s Mars Desert Research Station where NASA will operate the robotic facility during several crew rotations. Dr. Chris McKay, the NASA lead on this project arranged for us a tour of the facilities and explained the various research projects and spaceflight preparations that take place there - very, very, interesting. I am not a big fan of large pics in this blog, but I had to make an exception for the one above. There’s a more extensive collection of photos on my photography blog. You can reach it here.

Dr. Chris McKay, NASA Ames Research Center


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