Mashing up and where do I work

The coming year promises to bring a new face to many web apps, mashing up content from different sources is becoming easier by the day. I am going to test some of these ideas on this blog and file it under Mashups. The idea behind mashups is simple leave the lifting to those who do it best, and concentrate on where you add value to the chain, be it your friends or your customers.
Here's an example, the Google Maps team just announced adding 8 new cities to the street view layer on What's interesting to me is not the eight new cities but the ability to add the street view snippet into my own, in this case, blog post. So here, today I'll share the street where I work and point visiting friends to it. Note one little but important detail, to get the right html snippet you have to use the URL to navigate to the right place and not, this will change in the future but right now you have to be aware of it otherwise the html snippet will not work properly.

But it may as well be the place in Berkeley where I buy music from time to time.

Here's a page which describes how to add street view imagery to web pages.


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