Added link to the sailing blog

It’s on the left. So in the past I had two blogs, the pic one which is being maintained, though I still have to plug in images from Regensburg, Amsterdam and Death Valley. However the pacific blog was lost, not indexed by any search engine as I have not linked it anywhere. People who needed to read it at the time, to keep track of my wanderings, knew the address. Well it’s time to plug in in some keywords for search engines. The pacific blog was maintained using bloggar over an inmarsat data link during a sailing trip from Hawaii to Tahiti with friends Greg and David. Bloggar worked quite well because it’s not web based but you work offline and send chunks of text over xml-rpc once done editing or once you have an available connection. This is also less bandwidth hungry than traditional browser based clients which in addition require an open Internet connection. It took two weeks to sail the distance and get to Rangiroa and later the atoll Fakarava. The pictures taken during the sail to Tahiti complement the blog.


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