Today Was a Good Day for Surgery

I have this beautiful great sounding Kurzweil K2600X. Loaded with all the extra ROMs available; Orchestral, Contemporary, Triple strike piano, Vintage keyboards. Its a great instrument and its been part of our family for a long time now.

Here's Filip at the time not quite 4 yet, composing on the imposing machine.

Well a couple of months ago I spotted on eBay a SCSI memory card interface which fits the Kurzweil. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and decided that today was a good day to perform the surgery. Out with the 1.44 Mb floppy and in with the CF reader and an 8 Gb CF card. The card is partitoned into 4 x 2 Gb partitions. Two of them are loaded with samples, programs and setups. Expanding even more the machine's already impressive sound producing capabilities.

A photo album illustrates part of the process.

Dr. Kurzweil recently joined Google, where he is working on transforming search. His latest book How to Create a Mind is a very insightful work. I recommend reading it if you have an interest in how some of brains' parts work and how this may translate into intelligent machines. For a preview of what the book is about, watch this Authors@Google talk which we organized last year. It is a good introduction to the material in the book. So while Ray is building the new Googlecortex I had plenty of fun today turning inside out one of his older babies. A good day for surgery indeed.

And also I am pretty sure when machines become the new overlords the following plate may come in handy. I was friendly to them from the start ;-)


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