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This is the hello world from the old Wordpress blog which I shut down after a move to the cloud. (11/20/2010).

All right, here we go. I spent a good part of this morning discussing over email slama’s new pet project, how to discern a sine wave buried between two sawtooth signals. The general idea is to build a simple processor that could later end extended to handle speech. What kind of processing to plug in is still in the air but the workings of the cochlea seem an obvious inspiration. Notably, signal processing for cochlear implants. Two papers by Philipos C. Loizou on this page give a solid introduction into the state of affairs in the cochlear arena. Now this took a bit of googling to get the emails out, however along the way I picked up “A Briefer History of Time” by the astronomer Eric Schulmann. It’s licensed under the creative commons license. Go ahead and grab your copy, it’s a great read. Here in his own words:

“You’ll learn why–even though the Universe is expanding–it never gets any easier to find a parking place. And Martha Stellar will show you how to make a star. And you’ll read a classic potboiler account of the origin of life on Earth (”It was a dark and stormy night. In the shallow tide pool, a nucleic acid base collided with a sugar molecule. An amino acid sank beneath the murky depths . . . .”). Other great moments in Eric Schulman’s whiz-bang collection of the universe’s greatest hits are:

* A Shakespearean account of the production of helium soon after the Big Bang,
* Assembly instructions for terrestrial proteins (including consumer safety warnings),
* A prospectus for potential investors in the Mammalia Class of animals,
* A dragnet-style investigation into the rise and fall of the Earth’s first empire,
* A ballad about the creation of the world-wide web,
* And much, much more.”


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